maandag 6 januari 2014

Ronald de Leeuw Research Grant

As a farewell to Ronald de Leeuw as general director of the Rijksmuseum in 2008, the Van Gogh Museum has inaugurated the Ronald de Leeuw Research Grant. The research grant is worth € 5,000.- and will be awarded to a talented researcher. The grant is intended as a lasting tribute to Ronald de Leeuw's achievements as director of the Van Gogh Museum (1986-1996). During his time as director De Leeuw promoted the importance of research into 19th-century West European art history. The Van Gogh Museum will each year offer a talented researcher the opportunity to conduct research into a subject pertaining to the museum's field of collecting. This grant will offer the researcher the opportunity to adapt for publication their dissertation on a subject in the field of West European art history 1830-1914, to write a PhD research proposal or to undertake a field trip.

See for more information: or (in Dutch)

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